Falling into Place: The Importance of Self-Love


These pictures are about two years apart. Same amazing man I’m holding hands with that I’ve been with for almost four years now, and about 40 pounds down in the right picture. The right picture was the first time I had ever felt confident enough to wear a bikini in public.

Ladies, do NOT go on a fitness journey only for the intention of trying to find a special someone. The special someone you meet will love you for what’s on the inside and think you’re beautiful at any size. Steven called me beautiful every day whether I was 140 pounds or close to 200. There is a guy out there that will do the same exact thing for you, too.

When you’re on a journey to become healthier, do it for you. Do it to make yourself feel confident, to have better health (or get rid of some health issues), to learn to love yourself more, to meet those goals you’ve always wanted to reach, and to have your outside match your inside. Learn to LOVE YOURSELF and the rest will fall into place. It’s not at all selfish to love yourself. It’s necessary. <3

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