Best Stretches After A 9-5 Job

It’s common after a long work day to feel muscle tension, tightness, and aches from prolonged sitting or standing. One of the best things you can do for your body after a long day of work is stretch it out. Here are some of the best stretches to help extend your body, release some tension, Read more about Best Stretches After A 9-5 Job[…]


What you say to yourself matters. It’s not always easy to be kind to ourselves, but using words of affirmation rather than judgment can be lifechanging. If you’re like me (and spent most of your life using words of judgment and rejection towards yourself), shifting your mindset is going to take some practice. But with Read more about 10 AFFIRMATIONS THAT HELP ME THROUGH BAD DAYS[…]

Five Self-Help Books That Changed My Life

I’m a sucker for a good book. I honestly didn’t dive into the “Self-Help” book until after reading my very first self-help book, “You are a Badass.” I felt so motivated, inspired, uplifted, and dare I say…badass…it made me wonder what other books were out there. I wanted to feel this inspired 24/7. This past Read more about Five Self-Help Books That Changed My Life[…]

Overcoming Negative Body Image Days

I have days when I feel great about myself. I throw on my favorite outfit, take a few cute pictures, and thrive off my current state of confidence. Then there’s days when I feel the complete opposite. I try on twenty different outfits, spend hours criticizing my body, and convince myself to cancel my plans Read more about Overcoming Negative Body Image Days[…]

How I Cleared My Skin

Clearing my skin (specifically my acne) has been one of my biggest struggles. After visiting two different dermatologists, testing multiple prescription medications, and attempting every face wash on the market, I felt completely defeated. One day I felt so fed up, I started researching all-natural remedies, made a list, and began my trial and error Read more about How I Cleared My Skin[…]