3 Ways to Get Back on Track

We’ve all been there. We go on a cruise where we eat everything in sight, we get stressed out in the middle of the semester and fall off the wagon…maybe it’s for a few days, maybe it’s for a few months. It’s life! Life gets in the way sometimes. But we can all get back on track towards our goals with time. Here are three ways to get back on track:


Last time you went to the gym, maybe you were going 5-6 times a week. When you step inside the gym again, you’re going to want to pick up that the weight you were using before. Or run the same distance you did last time. But that’s going to be extremely discouraging. You may not be able to lift as heavy as before or run the same distance/time you ran before. But that’s okay. 

After a break, no matter how long the break was, you should be proud of yourself for hitting the gym again. Using a lighter weight or running a shorter distance doesn’t mean you’re a failure…it means your human. We all have our ups and downs, and sometimes we need to acknowledge the downs. So, start slow. The week you come back, try to get to the gym 2-3 days during the week instead of the usual 5-6. You can always build it back up to 5-6 days later when you get back into the routine. Being overwhelmed will only make you feel overwhelmed and not motivated. Which brings me to my next point!



Sometimes to reach your goals you’ll have to wake up earlier, plan ahead, and overall use more energy and time. Some days you will feel more motivated than others to jump out of bed to hit the gym or meal prep the night before. Everyone has their good days and their bad days. But the most important thing you can do for yourself is not give up. Motivation isn’t always there, but your goals are. And they will not be reached if you spend every unmotivated day in bed. Use your goals as motivation.

Post motivational quotes around your room. Find a picture that describes your goal. Make a plan. If you need to, give yourself some tough love. If you need to, give yourself a hug. And go get it done! You will not regret giving it your best shot. But you will regret not trying.



Finally, keep yourself accountable with your goals. When you are on your own journey, it is easier to fall of the wagon because only YOU know your goals and limits. But what if someone else knew about them? Would you be as likely to give up?

Find a gym buddy who has similar goals to you. Hire a coach and/or personal trainer that will be waiting for you at certain check-ins. Tell your roommate or significant other about your goals so they know you’re making some adjustments into a healthy lifestyle. Join a DietBet. When in doubt, tell social media! Many have found themselves accountability in posting consistently on Facebook or Instagram about their day to day experiences in chasing after their goals. Find what works for you!