Lauren lost 13 inches and 10% body fat over seven months!

“Redemptive Rebecca Training has changed my outlook on exercise forever. I went from minimal solo gym trips to training four days a week. And I look forward to each and every one! Rebecca is a compassionate and bright soul, she knows exactly how to connect to each and every client. You will never feel uncomfortable or less-than in her presence.

When I started training with Rebecca, I mentioned how I had pre-existing pain in my knees. Before I knew it she had started incorporating exercises to strengthen the muscles around my knees. Now I can wall sit all day without any knee pain. Rebecca knows exactly what muscle groups to work for a better outcome.

I have seen tremendous results from training with Rebecca and I love going to the gym now. I cannot imagine going to the gym without her. She is always encouraging and she has completely changed my life for the better.”



Four week progress!

“Rebecca was supportive of what I needed from the experience and went above and beyond to ensure I got what I needed out of working with her. Working with Rebecca has helped me become both physically and mentally stronger as a person. By the end of my time working with her I considered her not only an amazing coach, but a beautiful person and friend.” – Katie Goslin


tay tay

Taylor lost 13% body fat and 10 pounds over 6 months!

“Training with Rebecca has been so much fun. I’ve had many trainers in the past and I have never had the kind of progress that I’ve had with Rebecca. She will adjust anything that you ask her to, and always checks to make sure you’re doing okay and that nothing is hurting. I’ve been training with Rebecca for 4 months and have already lost about 5% body fat, and that is with taking weeks off here and there due to circumstances such as the hurricane. Rebecca is not only my trainer, but has become someone very close to my heart. She always pushes me to do my best and get stronger every session. My longest plank has increased by almost 2 minutes since I started training with her, and my wall sit has increased by 2 and a half minutes. I used to do certain exercises with no added weight, and now I’m doing glute bridges with 35 pounds on top of me. Every time we have a session I laugh so much, it doesn’t even feel like work. If you want a trainer who is going to help you reach your goals as well as make it fun while doing it, train with Rebecca!” – Taylor Mandel 

carmen progress

Carmen lost 35 pounds over 8 months!

“Working with Rebecca has helped me turn around my exercise and eating habits. She’s always willing to adjust workouts based on personal goals and progress. I work full-time and often don’t get off until late in the afternoon,Rebecca was able to help me create a workout schedule that fit with my work schedule. Even when training with a group Rebecca takes the time to make sure you still get one on one coaching to learn proper form and get the most out of your workouts. Her positive attitude and encouragement about living a healthy lifestyle in and out of the gym exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend working with her to reach your short and/or long term personal goals.” – Carmen Askerneese 

“Redemptive Rebecca’s training has given me the strength and rotation mobility I’ve strived for. Her encouragement and skills set makes what I used to find difficult and defeating, rewarding and physically enjoyable. She takes the time to carefully plan out her sessions with clients and for someone with a physical disability this is truly fantastic. Like many people, I struggled with going to the gym, not just to get ‘swol’ but become physically fit. Coming from Miami, many trainers focus on the aesthetics and appearance of their clients rather than seeing actual growth in strength training. In May of this year I wanted to finally make a change and took to the internet to find a trainer. I was initially approached by ‘RAP’ (not his government) who was interested in knowing more about my disability. He then suggested another trainer at the gym he worked with named Rebecca Kennedy. It shows a level of professionalism for someone to recognize that they might not meet your needs and instead pass you on to someone who could help you fulfill those goals. In the short time training with Rebecca I have felt changes in my arm’s mobility and strength to carry everyday items like bags, reaching for stuff, and general well-being. I can say with pride that Rebecca makes me feel proud of being able to do menial tasks without struggle or pain. I highly recommend her training based on her knowledge, her enthusiasm, and caring attitude to clients. Thanks to Rebecca I was finally able to do pull-ups with both arms and even try boxing. Rebecca, you are amazing. 10/5 would train again.” – Gabriella Coro


Tabitha lost 10 pounds and over a dozen inches (all around) in 12


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