Services I offer:  (Orlando, FL)

  • One-on-one Training

  • Small Group Training

  • Online training programs

Personal Training/Small Group Training:

I begin with a consultation, where we discuss goals, lifestyle, nutrition, and medical history. In this consultation you can expect:

  • Postural assessments (To determine muscle imbalances)

  • Balance assessment

  • Core assessment

  • Introductory workout (personalized to your goals and imbalances)

PLease arrive 15 minutes before designated appointment time and plan to stay anywhere between 1 hour and 1 hour and 30 minutes. This is to assure we have time to perform the assessments and consultation, and also get in a productive workout. Let’s move together and reach those goals – progressively, safely, and FUNCTIONALLY!

Online training:

For those who do not live in the Orlando area, I also create customized programs that can be done anywhere. I’ve created programs for clients that can be done at home, a commercial gym, or even an apartment gym. I start with asking a series of questions to learn more about your fitness level, strengths, weaknesses, goals, etc. After learning more, I create a program for anywhere between four-twelve weeks, along with providing a database of exercises to follow.


Interested? Contact me now to schedule a free tour of the gym!